What Is AI?

If you’re not familiar with AI it’s a fascinating new technology that uses artificial intelligence to create original text, images, and a lot more. In fact, AI is expanding so rapidly that what seems like a dream today becomes a reality tomorrow.

It works by feeding text prompts of what you would like to create into trained software. Then these software platforms known as AI models which have been shown millions of pages on the internet, generate completely new text and images that match the description of your prompt.

Simply put, when you enter a text prompt describing what you would like to create, the AI model interprets it, references its training, and creates what you asked for, word by word and pixel by pixel.

The trick is in creating a text prompt that describes what you need in a way that the software can understand. But once you get the hang of it, it’s like having a creative assistant right inside your computer!

My Vision For This Site

Although I would love to earn your business and enhance your current website or build you a new one, I’m just as excited about showing off the possibilities of these emerging new technologies and how you too can use them to promote your business.

Because while I am a developer/designer, I don’t have traditional writing or artistic skills. Yet, I can now generate unique written works and images from my imagination through AI.

My vision is to showcase these algorithmic examples as a new form of visual expression, one that showcases local businesses.

By documenting my AI journey, I hope to reveal the future of creativity – one that you can use as well to promote your business and bring new ideas to life. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see where this technology takes us next!