Examples of AI Generated Content

While AI can accomplish many tasks, I rely on it for text and image generation to build and promote websites and blogs. The text is used in website copy and blog posts and serves both human readers and search engines. Images are used to highlight text.

Blog Posts

Along with building this website, I used Jasper.ai to assist in generating blog posts, both for human readers and SEO. Although I still highly recommend Jasper.ai, for small businesses I feel Claude 2 and Chat GPT are the better alternatives. The posts can be viewed here – Kwaks Trading Blog


Here is a collection of various images created by Midjourney. For even higher quality images I suggest upgrading them with GIMP or a similar photograph manipulation app.

Just For Fun

Here we have one of my favorite images – Superman. Fortunately Midjourney output this image on the first try. The one challenge with AI image generation is it’s like a slot machine, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you get exactly what you are looking for on the first try and sometimes it takes a bit more work. This time I got lucky!