Why AI?

When I first began using Artificial Intelligence I kept asking myself, why? Why am I so captivated by my computer doing things that I had been doing for years? After all, I have been building websites since 2006, and although I have used a variety of tools over the years, I never needed any real help.

But after some deep contemplation, it finally hit me – Artificial Intelligence allows me to easily convey my thoughts in a way I never thought possible!

Now instead of struggling to turn words into sentences and then sentences into paragraphs, AI has unlocked a realm of relationship building in a way I never thought possible. No longer constrained by my own lack of writing or artistic skill, I can express exactly what I am thinking quickly and easily.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. I used to shrug off that tired cliché, but now its truth resonates with me. Visuals bring tales to life in a way awkward words cannot and AI does it for me.

Although using this new technology may sound a bit unsettling, it’s much easier than you think. It’s just a matter of diving in and then practicing to get your desired outcome.

For example, let’s say that you want to increase your website’s visibility. You could use AI content generation tools to automatically create fresh, optimized blog posts for your site. No longer will you have to spend countless hours struggling to turn your ideas into words. AI will do it for you!

Additionally, you can use it to analyze your existing content and suggest ways to improve it for higher rankings. Here, the AI looks at elements like word count, heading usage, links, media, readability, etc., and can provide an SEO content audit to strengthen what’s already on your site.

Have you ever struggled to find just the right pictures for your social media campaign? Generating custom images with AI can be a game-changer. Simply describe the type of visual you need – product photos, lifestyle shots, quotes, etc. – and let the AI create an original image for you.

Some argue this reliance on Artificial Intelligence risks diminishing human creativity. I contend it does the opposite – by taking care of the technical details, where in this case it would be maneuvering a pen or a brush, Artificial Intelligence allows me to devote more energy to the art of getting my ideas across clearly.

With AI handling the technical execution, I can focus fully on crafting my message and choosing the right words to convey my intended meaning. It’s a tool that enhances, not replaces, my imagination.

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s achievable. There is so much more, I recommend checking out some of my blog posts.

Artificial Intelligence is an empowering tool that allows you to focus on the meaningful work of crafting impactful messages while letting automation handle the busy work.

The future is bright when humans and machines work together!

So what are you going to create today?